Why Choosing Positive Pumping

Are you looking for a concrete pumping company in Melbourne? Welcome to the Positive Pumping. Our company is known as one of the hardest working concrete pumping service providers in Melbourne. As such, we offer our services in all regions of Melbourne and even Victoria wide.

We are well known for our friendly, extremely hard working and experienced team. We are dedicated to making sure that your construction project runs on time and on budget.

Our bright orange concrete pumping trucks can easily recognised. We have different capacity concrete pumping trucks that can be hired according to each projects specific requirements. You might have already seen our trucks at different construction sites in Melbourne.

We are a highly experienced and reliable concrete pumping company. Our services are offered throughout all of Melbourne and Victoria. We operate a fleet of high quality and state of the art commercial concrete pumping machines.

Concrete Pumping Services Melbourne

We are just a phone call away

If you are after a reliable and affordable concrete pumping company in Melbourne then call Steve at Positive Pumping now on 0402 791 845.

We provide all concrete line pump, concrete boom pump, grout pump, mini concrete pump etc.