Get the job done right,
in less time

Many of our highly-trained boom and pump operators have been working together closely across a wide range of projects for many years. This means they get the job done right, in less time.

Reduce the risk of costly

Our fleet of trucks are modern and well maintained. Upon arrival at your next project or site, you can rest assured knowing that our trucks and crew are ready to go, with no fuss or delay.

Flexible rates suited
to your needs

We are happy to work with you to understand your requirements for your next large-scale commercial project, and deliver a comprehensive and competitive fixed-price quote.

We deliver professional concrete pumping services across Melbourne and Victoria. Our fleet of line pumps and boom pumps are available to hire for a wide range of projects, big and small. Our highly trained team have years of experience working together, so you know they’ll be efficient and reliable. Read More

Bayside Concrete Pumping Melbourne

It is very satisfying when a project comes together quickly. Any contractor will appreciate a tightly maintained schedule and a work effort that did not compromise on quality. However, to achieve this, it is necessary to plan effectively and find appropriate timesaving solutions that optimise quality.

Contractors in Bayside recognise concrete pumping as an essential part of their arsenal when they approach any project, regardless of its size. It is a smart, effective way to achieve more accurate pours in a much less labour-intensive way.

High-Quality Concrete Pumping in Bayside

At Positive Pumping, we help contractors throughout Melbourne such as Brunswick, Preston, South Melbourne and the metro areas to achieves the highest standards of results with regards to concrete pouring. If you are determined to always get the job done right the first time, and in the shortest amount of time, then we are the ideal choice. Whether you need a line or boom pump, or if you could benefit from our fully loaded concrete pump trucks, rest assured that we can meet your requirements.

Our modern fleet of trucks and equipment is maintained to the highest standards, so when we arrive at your site you can trust that we are ready to work. Our team are invested in the business, so we are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering an honest, professional experience from the first phone call to the final payment.

What You Gain with Bayside Concrete Pumping

If you have not yet had cause to investigate the possibilities that concrete pumping could deliver for your business, then you have a lot to look forward to.

Here at Positive Pumping, we help our clients by delivering a faster, easier method of concrete pouring than their labourers could ever achieve. It is a cost-effective choice and one that we strive to tailor to each customer. We treat any Bayside concrete pumping project the same as all Melbourne projects by understanding the needs of our customers and providing them with flexible rates to suit the nature of their undertaking.

How Concrete Pumping Helps to Achieve the Quicker Results on Any Build

Your worksite is a safer place when you choose concrete pumping in Bayside. There are fewer bodies, which means lower congestion possibilities on-site, and if you plan on pouring concrete at great heights, or across considerable distances, then this is a vastly superior solution. We can equip you with the most appropriate equipment that will afford you exceptional flexibility.

There are plenty of different applications for concrete pumping. Whether you need to complete the foundations of a large structure, erect columns, bridges, dams or put slabs in place, this is the most efficient way to achieve a quality end result that won’t shrink and crack but will maintain its strength over time.

Ultimately, the faster you can deliver concrete to your site, the more efficient your business becomes, and you can move more quickly from one project to the next, increasing profitability.

Choose Bayside Concrete Pumping & Forget About Costly Breakdowns

At Positive Pumping, we are the go-to choice for many contractors who prefer to outsource their pumping needs to professionals with vast experience. You won’t have to think twice about equipment or vehicular breakdown, or maintenance, and you can feel confident that we operate a very high standard of care and quality.

So, call or complete the online form to start a conversation about how we can help you achieve a more efficient pour. If your project base is in Bayside and you require concrete pumping, then we are the team that can deliver the results you need.

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Concrete Pumping


We work closely with you and your team to ensure the project is delivered exactly to specification.

  • Residential house slabs
  • Driveways
  • Footings
  • Pier holds
  • Core fills

Stay on budget and on time

Our rates are competitive and our team is efficient, so you know you’re getting great service for an even better price.

Make your job easier

Our experienced pump operators have worked on a wide range of projects. They know exactly how to pour so that your own team has less work to do.

Grow your business

We believe in supporting the smaller owner operators, and through a long-term partnership, helping them grow with us.


From first call, to confirming, throughout the pour right to clean up great service all round. I will use them again.
Daniel S


Concrete Pumping

Commercial and Civil

We are a highly qualified team with deep experience working across a wide range of complex projects.

  • Suspended slabs and apartments
  • Dinsell walls
  • Bridges
  • Water Piping
  • Footpaths and pavements
  • Windmill farms

Control project costs

We work with you closely to understand your requirements, then deliver a fixed cost quote.

Reduce risk, remain compliant

Our highly trained crew is WorkCover registered and fully insured. Our operations adhere to the WorkSafe Victoria Concrete Pumping Industry Standard.

Deliver a successful project

Our team has been responsible for pumping foundations for some of the biggest wind farms in the Southern Hemisphere – we’re confident we can deliver your next major project.


Positive pumping are run with an amazing team spirit, they have their culture and customer focus right. A great group of guys and girls thanks for working with me.
Paul T


Backed by an experienced team

Many of our team are personally invested in the business, and love what they do. Our team has a strong focus on delivering both a high quality of work and exceptional customer service.

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