Hiring a concrete pump to craft your new driveway

Concrete driveways are akin to a second welcome mat for your home. They’re one of the first things a visitor sees, and passersby’s can usually glimpse them from the street. Speaking in a practical sense, it’s not exactly ideal to feel like you’re off-road driving whenever you need to park your car. That’s where our services enter the picture, and how you end up with a fantastic new concrete driveway.

Why not just do it yourself? Well for one, the process itself can be exhausting, and taking the DIY route can sometimes result in lumpy driveways. And let’s face it; you’re never going to get professional results by going the DIY route. Our Victoria-based concrete pump hire is an easy and affordable option you may want to consider, so we’re going to walk you through what to expect when we help you construct a new driveway.

Introducing the concrete line pump

Concrete pump hire removes the effort and mess associated with using a wheelbarrow to transport and pour your concrete. Doing it by hand is messy and time consuming, but you can leave the work to the professionals by hiring a concrete line pump through Positive Pumping, and watch us achieve flawless results in minimal time. Our concrete line pumps are ideal for concreting projects with a small footprint, which makes them ideal for driveways. They have a lower flow rate than our boom pumps and are easier to manipulate by hand, as they’re basically a specialized hose which is attached to a compact pump full of concrete.

All of our concrete pumps available for hire come with a team of operators who have the experience and skills necessary to get the job done while saving you the cost and time required to purchase and operate a concrete pump yourself.

Preparation is key

In the lead up to construction starting, it’s important to properly clear the area in preparation for the work that is about to be done. Any vegetation which could get in the way should be removed, and any rocks or other above ground obstructions should also be cleared to create a stable and even foundation for your driveway. For proper concrete aging, it’s vital that you rely on a professional soil assessors’ opinion before you approve the use of a concrete line pump on your property. 

If you already had a concrete driveway in place and are paving over it to create a new one, all previous concrete will need to be cleared from the area and the soil will need to be levelled and evened. You may want to pay your neighbors the courtesy of telling them that things might get a little noisy while construction is underway. Now is the best time to measure your vehicle size and exactly how much space you would like your driveway to allow.

Let’s pave new paths

Once your driveway works have received approval from your local Council, our team can now work their magic. Using wooden or metal boards, your future driveway will be outlined to demonstrate what the end product will look like. At this point, you should double check that the spacing is correct and how you want it. After the boards are placed, the concrete pump will begin its work. The truck that the concrete pump is attached to will be strategically placed so it can pump concrete without creating any obstructions. Our expert team will make sure to appropriately level the concrete, so you end up with a smooth and evenly finished driveway.

After the driveway has been filled in, it will take approximately 24-48 hours for the driveway to dry to the point that you can walk on it. Even after this period, waiting another 28 days before parking your car or other heavy vehicles on your new concrete driveway is recommended.

If you’re looking for affordable concrete pump hire services, we’re the ones for the job

Positive Pumping has a wide array of concrete pumping options available for hire. Our talents don’t just cover residential work. We also cover, civil, industrial, and wind farm services. Reach out today to see how we can lend a hand in your next project!

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