Line pump vs boom pump - which is a better choice for your project?

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Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous construction materials around, but there’s a few different ways to get it from the mixer to where you need it laid. For tiny one-off tasks like filling in around a post a wheelbarrow will tend to do just fine, but for residential, civil, and commercial projects of any scale, you’ll probably want to look into concrete pump hire.

Why hire a concrete pump in the first place?

Concrete pump hire can save you some of the mess and trickiness of the traditional wheelbarrow route, and the cost of buying a concrete pump yourself.

Our concrete pumps for hire can help you cut down on concrete-related costs, time, and effort - but first we need to figure out which type of concrete pump is most suitable for your project. Let’s take a look at boom pumps, line pumps, the differences between them, and how they stack up for different applications.

Boom pumps - what are they and where are they best applied?

A boom pump is a type of concrete pump that is best known for both its ability to continuously pump large amounts of concrete and to pump it from heights that a line pump can’t reach. Boom pumps look a bit like a crane with a tube running along the length of the structure (known as the boom), through which the concrete is pumped.

Boom pumps are perfect for aiding in the construction of multi-storey developments and high-rise buildings, as well as any worksite that requires large volumes of concrete. We’ve got five different boom pumps in our fleet, all of which are available for hire within Victoria.

The pros of using a boom pump

Boom pumps excel when it comes to verticality and height, as well as the sheer volume of concrete they can pump in a given period of time. A boom pump may also help save on labour time and costs, as concrete flows through a hose attached to the remote-controlled boom, rather than placed and moved manually by workers. Being remote controlled also means a boom pump can be maneuvered very carefully and specifically, making it ideal for worksites with numerous obstacles.

The cons of using a boom pump

A boom pump may not be the best choice for your project if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, or have a lot of horizontal space that needs concreting. Boom pumps are much less compact than line pumps, and aren’t practical if you don’t have the space to accommodate them. They’re also typically best suited to projects with a smaller footprint and lots of verticality, so if you’re needing to lay down a foundation or slab with a large footprint, you may be better off using a line pump.

What’s a line pump and is it my best bet for pumping concrete?

A line pump is a long hose which is attached to a trailer-mounted pump and then usually run free-form along the ground. Line pumps are generally used on smaller-scale residential jobs due to their more compact nature, and the ease with which you can direct and move the hose by hand. Hoses don’t stretch on forever, but Positive Pumping can supply a range of hose sizes, and a longer hose can make line pumps ideal for projects in which a large area needs to be concreted. We offer a range of line pumps for hire available across Victoria which come complete with a team of operators and guaranteed results.

The pros of using a line pump

Line pumps are ideal for backyard projects; whether it’s laying down a new driveway, building a pool, or laying a foundation for a shed, a line pump will be your best bet. They’re perfect for simple projects which don’t involve any verticality and don’t require the fast pumping of huge volumes of concrete, which means they tend to get more use on residential sites rather than larger-scale commercial projects.

The cons of using a line pump

Line pumps aren’t ideal for projects that require large volumes of concrete, or require concrete to be laid at different heights. Line pumps can only pump relatively small amounts of concrete, and at ground level only for the most part, meaning they’re generally not suitable for large-scale multi-storey applications.

Line pumps vs boom pumps - which is best for your project?

If you’re not sure which concrete pump hire solution is going to be best for your project, consider its size and scope. If you’re looking at a large-scale project which requires a large amount of concrete laid across several different heights, a boom pump will probably be the best choice. Conversely, if you need to lay a smaller amount of concrete at ground level, a line pump might be what you’re looking for.

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