Five fun concrete features your yard is missing

If you’ve been looking out to your backyard and eyeing broken or cracked concrete paths, it's time for a revamp! Whether you find your backyard boring or need to fix tired concrete features, residential concreting is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. We’ve put together five fun concrete features that you can add to your backyard to update or revitalise your space.


The first way you can use concrete features to breathe life into your garden is by installing a patio, which is a great way to create an outdoor entertaining area. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue or just want a place to relax, a patio will provide you with a backyard haven to enjoy throughout the hot Australian weather. Completing backyard concreting and installing a patio is a sure-fire way to bring an interesting new addition to your yard. To ensure long-lasting, visually appealing results, you may want to choose a residential concrete pumping specialist to complete this work for you.


One of the most useful concrete features you can create for your home are pathways. Whether you want to have new paths paved throughout your yard or need to completely revamp or restore an existing path, a pathway will lift the overall value and appeal of your home.

Completing backyard concreting and installing a beautiful pathway leading to your door can create an instant first impression for visitors to your home! A backyard concreter can use concrete pavers to create a stunning pathway, or will keep it simple with grey concrete. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pathways, so get creative with your residential concreting!


Driveways can often be seen directly from the street, meaning that a lack of driveway or a deteriorated one can decrease the visual appeal of your home. A driveway is a great concrete feature to add value to your home, as well as improve its curb appeal.

You can choose from a variety of materials, including pavers, natural stone, or stamped concrete to add value to your home through a driveway revamp or installation. If you’re tired of looking at cracked or old concrete, consider residential concreting services to install a new driveway.

Pool decks

Say you have a pool but don’t have a relaxation area surrounding it, Or maybe you have a nice deck, but you’re considering reinstalling or revamping it. An outstanding concrete feature to add to your home is a concrete pool deck. Concrete pool decks will last longer than other pool deck alternatives, meaning you won’t have to worry about the usual wear and tear appearing sooner rather than later. You can choose from a variety of finishes for this residential concreting marvel, including stamped concrete, stencilled concrete, or even coloured concrete, which makes completing pool deck backyard concreting a great way to create an outdoor oasis that you can enjoy all summer long.

Water features

A favourite of many, concrete water features are a tried-and-true backyard concrete feature for your home. Water features are a great way to add interest to your garden and to create the perfect peaceful touch for your backyard space. Concreting features like these can be as simple as a fountain or as elaborate as a koi pond, but whatever it is you choose, a water feature is sure to create a stunning focal point in your backyard.

Get started on your backyard concrete features!

These are just some concrete features that your garden could benefit from. But keep in mind that residential concreting can be quite complex, often requiring an experienced hand to complete correctly. So if you want to complete backyard concreting for your home, it may be best to hire a professional team like Positive Pumping. Our extensive range of residential concrete pumping services are sure to include everything you need to complete concrete pumping for ambitious concrete features, so reach out to our team today!

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